Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Update on Bryce

I'm taking my shift at the hospital with Bryce. They ran another RSV test on him today and it came back negative again. They also drew some blood to do some lab work. I wasn't here for that, but I am told that he didn't enjoy that one bit! They also did another chest X-ray of Bryce. The doctor finally made it to our room early this afternoon for his daily check on Bryce. He told me that the X-ray shows some definite line of ??????? I didn't understand. Anyway, it turns out that Bryce does have pneumonia. He will be spending another night in the hospital. They have him on oxygen 24 hours a day. Once he can get off of the oxygen and maintain the oxygen levels in his blood, then he can come home. Right now that isn't happening. Apparently, his oxygen level dips down when he is sleeping. So, it's day by day until he can come home.

Scott has been spending most of the time at the hospital with Bryce, and I have been home with the other kiddos. All seem to be doing well. Cayden is ready for his daddy and Bryce to come home. First thing Cayden did this morning was ask if they were home yet. He wasn't real happy when I said not yet.

Here are a couple of pictures of Bryce with his monkey. This monkey seems to have a calming effect on Bryce. We lay the monkey across Bryce's chest and it usually calms Bryce down quickly.