Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of School

Yep, you read it right! We are back to school! A week earlier than many of the schools in our area (just means we get a few more holidays throughout the year!)

Here is Cayden on his first day back to "school" aka: daycare. He was really excited to be going back. He even picked out his outfit for the first day of school. I think he did a pretty good job!

And here is Cayden and I on our first day back. Teachers met today and Tuesday and the kids come Wednesday! I'm excited, I have a student teacher this fall so a new adventure at school for me!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fishing in MN

Cayden was able to do a little fishing while we were at the cabin in MN.

And Cayden was succesfull!

Touching his fish that he caught.

Cayden's fish (sorry the picture isn't so great. But it sure makes the fish look big!)

Oooooooo... Spooky....

Not really. Here is Cayden and I roasting marshmellows at the MN cabin.

Cayden roasting his very own marshmellow. And if you ask him about it, "It turned out perfect!"

And here is all of my friends that stayed while I roasted a few marshmellows! I love how the pictures are a little fuzzy. So scary...

I was really impressed with all of my friends so I had to take another picture of them.

Presents at the MN Lake

Lisa and family gave the babies this fun multi-activity toy for the babies birthday. Of course the three older kids, Cayden, cousin Addy and cousin Ash, helped the babies open it. And of course the older kids enjoyed playing with the toy as well. At some point there were 5 kids playing with the toy, but I missed it on the camera.

Cousin Ash running to help open the big present. Cayley is in the yellow top.

Cousin Ash, Cousin Addy and Cayden opening the big present.

Ash, Addy, Bryce and Cayden checking out the new toy.

Aleah is in the middle of the picture looking at me. I wonder what is going through her mind.

Cayley (in yellow top) and Aleah were watching me.

Lake Fun in Minnesota

My sister and her family rented a cabin on one of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes. I offered to come crash their cabin, and she agreed! Cayden had a blast playing in the water.

Cayden playing on the knee board.
Cayden writing in the sand.
Cayden's first experience with goggles.
Checking out the water with the goggles on.
Cayden's sand castle with stick flag that I helped him build (this was our second attempt. He crushed the first one.)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Eating Birthday Cakes #2

Here's the babies eating their birthday cakes at their second celebration of their first birthday. (click here for pictures from the first party birthday cake eating)

Bryce Bryce's shorts covered in frosting.

And a video of their cake eating adventures.

Babies Birthday Party #2

It is very common in our family to celebrate birthdays more than once. We celebrated the babies' birthdays on their actual birthday and then again on the weekend. (click here for birthday cakes post from their actual birthday) So of course they had a new set of cakes for this birthday.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scootering - This is for you, Dad!

When Scott left for his deployment, Cayden could barely ride his scooter. Now, a month later, Cayden can really get around on it! I love watching him! Of the three or four kids in our neighborhood that sometimes play with him and ride scooters with him, he is the only one who wears a helmet. I can proudly say that I don't have to remind him of putting it on, he just knows he has to do it. You might think that I'm being overprotective of him with this helmet (he has to wear it when he rides anything, even his tricycle). But just tonight I heard a story from one of our babysitters that tells me that it's okay in my wanting him to wear it. She was riding her bike (when she was younger), hit the curb, fell and cracked her helmet on the fall. To me, that is all I need to make sure Cayden always wears his helmet.

Babies eating their cakes

Here's some various pictures of the babies eating the cakes. Aleah is on the right of the babies. Cayley is in the middle of the three) and Bryce is on the left. Cayley Aleah Bryce Cayden with his masterpiece of a cake that I made. Bryce, Cayley and Aleah Bryce at the end of the cake eating. I think this is the messiest I have ever seen him. Cayley at the end of her cake eating. Aleah at the end of her cake eating. She wasn't too thrilled about it. And some videos of the kiddos in actions.

The babies 1st birthday cakes

I made the babies their cake for their 1st birthday today. They each had an individual cake and then we ate off of the #1 cake. There was some extra cake from making the number 1, so I frosted the extra cake. That somehow turned into Cayden's personal cake.

(not sure why Bryce's cake looks pink. It really was frosted in white).

Happy 1st Birthday, Aleah, Bryce and Cayley!

What!?!? It's been a year?!?! Crazy how time flies. Here's some pictures of the babies after their morning nap on their 1st Birthday.
(Aleah is on the left in the picture and Cayley is on the right. I think you can probably tell which one is Bryce.)

Bryce wouldn't stay still for his picture. I call him our "mover and shaker".