Thursday, July 28, 2011


Coca Coloa Live Positively has a contest going where they will grant $100,000 to the park that receives the most votes online.  Oak Park was destroyed by the recent flooding Minot experienced.  My kids LOVE Oak Park, so let me tell you, I have been doing my fair share of voting!  I would LOVE to see Oak Park and the community of Minot win this.

Click on the link below to help us out! 
You can vote as many times as you want in one day

Here are some of the pictures I uploaded to the voting site (5 votes for every picture).
Aleah, Bryce, Cayden and Cayley enjoying a picnic pre-flood (just days before the flood came)

Cayley and Aleah enjoying the Splash Pad Summer 2010

Cayden enjoying Splash Pad back in August 2008
(triplets were in NICU and Cayden got some special time with Mommy and Daddy)

Cayden  (year????-I'd have to do a little looking)