Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Skating Party

Today was the annual Halloween Skating party, so I thought we would venture out (with Grandpa's help). It was great! Here's a sneak peak of our Superhero Family...

Batman (AKA: Cayden) out skating. He is currently enrolled in skating lessons and doing quite well. Thankfully, one of our babysitters was there (three of our babysitters are also skating coaches) and she took Cayden out on the ice for me.

The Superhero Triplets!

Superman (AKA: Superboy, AKA: Brycey-I think I might officially change his name from Bryce to Brycey-HA-I don't think anyone ever calls him Bryce anymore)
Superwoman (AKA: Supergirl, AKA: Aleah)
Batwoman (AKA: Batgirl, AKA: Cayley)

And even I got to dress up! I really am WONDERWOMAN!

And the triplets happy to be home and out of the stollers! Can't wait for Halloween!

Pig Tails???

The babies had a big outing today so I had to get them ready. I thought I should try to do something special with the girls' hair. So pig tails it was! (The pictures are a bit blurry because I used my cell phone to take the pictures).

The only way I know who is who in these pictures is because I dressed them. Everytime I think I can tell them apart, I realize that I really can't. The girls do have certain facial features that are a bit different. But if they aren't together, it's hard to figure out who is who. Man, we're in for a long journey with these two.

Aleah is in the first picture and Cayley is in the second picture.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We had hoped to go to a pumpkin patch back in September when we went to Minnesota for my nieces birthday. We had gone to it the previous year and Cayden was looking forward to another trip to the pumpkin patch. But with all of the activities and needing to schedule nap time, we just didn't have enough time. (Cayden actually never even asked about it, but I knew he wanted to go-he had mentioned so before the trip).

I planned a trip to Papa's Pumpkin Patch in Bismarck. Grandpa was going to go with us, but I decided I wouldn't need his help (he had other work he could do if he didn't go) as I was going to meet a friend and her family there. Well, Grandpa went off to work, and I talked to my friend and she was not feeling well, so she wasn't up to going and exposing other kids to whatever she had.

So, being the "supermom" that I am (ok, I'm getting on my high-horse), I decided to load up the four kids and venture off by myself. Trip there, excellent! Triplets napped, Cayden watched a movie, all was good. Get the triple stroller out and gets all kids loaded ready to go, things are still going smoothly. Cayden gets to play when we get there. The babies and I watch (and the babies have lunch). Here are some of the pictures of Cayden's fun times:

There were hay-bale mountains with slides attached to them.

Pony rides, which Cayden had a blast on. (Watch out cousin Levi, he knows that you and your family have horses and he wants to ride!!!)

One pumpkin home:

The soup-can train: Okay, I don't know what it is really called, but that's what the cars look like to me. He really like this too.
Cayden is in the third white car from the right.
Cayden is in the second car from the left (who knew so many kids would be wearing orange! I would have dressed Cayden differently, but he picked out his own clothes)

And a second pumpkin home:

This was just one of the many wood items in the little wood town for the kids to play on.

And yes, the babies were really there. More so they were along for the ride. They did have fun (at least I think that they did) watching Cayden play.
(Left to Right: Aleah, Bryce and Cayley)

So after all of the fun, we pick out pumpkins. Lesson learned: Find a wagon for hauling pumpkins as soon as you get there. Here I am with the triple stroller, trying to figure out how I am going to "carry" my four pumpkins back to the car, which is on the other side of the parking lot. Well, the babies three small pumpkins fit on top of the stoller and Cayden was able to carry his bigger than the babies yet small pumpkin to the car. Now remember, I am supermom, so I manuever the triple stoller with one hand and carry the big pumpkin (that we are going to carve) to the car with the other hand. Next time, we are definitely finding a wagon early! Trip home was okay. Babies slept again, Cayden watched his movies. Of course, we can't have a car trip without Aleah having a 10 minute scream. And since she didn't have her 10 minute scream on the way to Bismarck, She had a 15 minute scream on the way home.

Next year will be much more interesting. I do plan on going back, but with reinforcements. Daddy will be home by then, so he can experience the "fun" with us! It really was a fun time. And we all survived and were happy (aside from the 15 minute scream).

Friday, October 16, 2009


We, I should clarify, Cayden and I ventured out to the rodeo on Sunday (Oct. 11th) for Military Appreciation Day.

Some of Cayden's Favorites:
Popcorn, Soda like Grandpa likes (AKA Coca Cola), and the bubble gum we brought from home.

Rodeo favorite: The guy who jumped the motorcycle over the pick-up with trailer attached. How sad is that? We go to the rodeo and he tells me that his favorite was the motorcylce. He also told me he was going to do that someday and ride a motorcycle really fast. I explained that mom wouldn't really like that, so he said ok. And that he wasn't going to ride a motorcycle. Can I get that in writing?!

Other Favorites from the Rodeo:
My favorite: CAYDEN!

This was one of Cayden's favorites: The "Broncos" as he calls them.

And I have decided the most insane sport that I can think of: Bull riding. I apologize to anyone who reads this that might be a bull-rider or a fan of the sport. Cayden had fun watching them, but I cringed everytime a bull moved. I can't believe people willing ride bulls. And on top of that, I can believe that people (me included during the rodeo) watch the sport. So very crazy. At least Cayden didn't come out saying he wanted to ride bulls. I don't know what I would have done.
(sorry for the blurry pictures, these animals move so fast for their enormous size!)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sweet Jade...

I've been debating putting a post on here about our sweet Jadie girl. I've decided that I am finally ready to do so. On October 9th we had to have Jade put down. She had bone cancer. She was 8 years young at the time.

She has been greatly missed by our family. Cayden sure does ask some tough questions regarding what happened to her. It is difficult to explain death to a four year old so that they understand without all of the hard to understand details. (I don't even think that sentence makes sense).

The above collage are pictures from 3 days before she passed away.
The below picture is Cayden giving Jade her morning kiss and hug and "I love you"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crawling Videos

Each baby developed their own style of crawling. Aleah (in pink) has pretty much always crawled on her hands and knees like a "normal" crawl. Cayley (in green) started with a "military" crawl. She could really move fast this way. Bryce started his crawling (and he was first to crawl) did the "wounded person" crawl. Now all of the babies do a combination of their original crawls with the "normal" crawl. They are cruising furniture, but not walking yet. I haven't decided if walking will be a good thing or not.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The girls

I figured, if Brycey gets his own post with videos, I better put on some videos of the girls. Here's Aleah...

And Here's Cayley...

Peak-a-boo, Brycey

Brycey has learned how to play peak-a-boo. It is too cute! It took a time or two of him doing it before I realized what he was doing. I love it!