Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sweet Jade...

I've been debating putting a post on here about our sweet Jadie girl. I've decided that I am finally ready to do so. On October 9th we had to have Jade put down. She had bone cancer. She was 8 years young at the time.

She has been greatly missed by our family. Cayden sure does ask some tough questions regarding what happened to her. It is difficult to explain death to a four year old so that they understand without all of the hard to understand details. (I don't even think that sentence makes sense).

The above collage are pictures from 3 days before she passed away.
The below picture is Cayden giving Jade her morning kiss and hug and "I love you"


LaurieG said...

Hi Shayna,
I am so sorry to hear about Jade. Our pets play such an important part of our lives and give us so much love. All the good memories will live on in your family's hearts and minds!!