Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Skating Party

Today was the annual Halloween Skating party, so I thought we would venture out (with Grandpa's help). It was great! Here's a sneak peak of our Superhero Family...

Batman (AKA: Cayden) out skating. He is currently enrolled in skating lessons and doing quite well. Thankfully, one of our babysitters was there (three of our babysitters are also skating coaches) and she took Cayden out on the ice for me.

The Superhero Triplets!

Superman (AKA: Superboy, AKA: Brycey-I think I might officially change his name from Bryce to Brycey-HA-I don't think anyone ever calls him Bryce anymore)
Superwoman (AKA: Supergirl, AKA: Aleah)
Batwoman (AKA: Batgirl, AKA: Cayley)

And even I got to dress up! I really am WONDERWOMAN!

And the triplets happy to be home and out of the stollers! Can't wait for Halloween!


Rebecca said...

Hey! I'm Batgirl for Halloween too! But Cayley is so much cuter than I am. Love them all!

HJ Selch Photography said...

You are a Super Family! And also you deserve to be Wonderwoman for Halloween, since you play that role every other day of the year!!!
The kids are getting so big :-)

LaurieG said...

You are amazing, Shayna! Great pictures!!