Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who is Who???????

Here's a few pictures of the triplets dressed the same. We very seldom dress them the same. Actually, I think this is the first time that they were in identical outfits. Can you guess who is who??? (Click on the link for the "comments" for this post to see if you guessed correctly!!) There's a reason that these babies are very seldom dressed the same!

One of them looked like they were making a puppet out of their sibling. It was really funny to watch!

Happy Valentines Day!

Hoping you had a Happy Valentine's Day! I claimed I would never put those little head bands on my girls, but I just couldn't resist these for Valentine's Day!

Poor Brycey was sound asleep before we set him up to take these pictures of the triplets. He was pretty out of it for the pictures.

(Bryce, Cayley, Aleah)

Cayley is keeping a watchful "hand" on her brother. We also discovered on Feb. 15th that Brycey got his first tooth! He's still pretty crabby so we're wondering if there is another on its way!

Not sure what Cayley was smiling at in the following picture.

And poor little Cayden was feeling under the weather on Valentine's Day (had a fever). He wanted to watch a movie on his DVD player with his special head phones. He was freezing so he was trying to get bundled up in his daddy's blanket. Poor guy! He didn't really want us to photograph him, but we snuck this picture of him anyway.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Triplets are 6 months old!

The triplets had their 6 month birthday on February 6th. We have a doctor's appointment coming up February 20th. Can't wait, more shots! AHHHHHH! And Bryce has a follow-up appointment with the pediatric cardiologist from MN on February 24th. I'm anxious to see how this appointment turns out.

Group Picture time! They turned out decent! Got a couple of them smiling in a couple of the pictures!

Aleah's 6 month old photo shoot

Aleah's 6 month pictures taken by her mommmy. What a star! Here is our picture experience!

Just chilling in her cool sunglasses!

Cayley's 6 month Old Photo Shoot

Here's Cayley's photoshoot taken by none-other than mommy photographer. She was pretty entertaining. I think I wrote this in another posting. I wanted to share our whole picture experience with you, so here are all of her pictures!

Cayley and her stylish sunglasses!

"The beach is that way"

Bryce's 6 Month Old Photo Shoot

Here are some pictures that I took of Brycey. He looks so excited to be having his picture taking in some of these. Normally, he is a very smiley, happy little guy!
(I know many people just put their best pictures of their kids on their blogs, but I thought I would share our whole picture taking experience with you!)

Brycey with his best bud, his monkey.

Brycey with his stylish sunglasses!