Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Hoping you had a Happy Valentine's Day! I claimed I would never put those little head bands on my girls, but I just couldn't resist these for Valentine's Day!

Poor Brycey was sound asleep before we set him up to take these pictures of the triplets. He was pretty out of it for the pictures.

(Bryce, Cayley, Aleah)

Cayley is keeping a watchful "hand" on her brother. We also discovered on Feb. 15th that Brycey got his first tooth! He's still pretty crabby so we're wondering if there is another on its way!

Not sure what Cayley was smiling at in the following picture.

And poor little Cayden was feeling under the weather on Valentine's Day (had a fever). He wanted to watch a movie on his DVD player with his special head phones. He was freezing so he was trying to get bundled up in his daddy's blanket. Poor guy! He didn't really want us to photograph him, but we snuck this picture of him anyway.