Monday, December 20, 2010

All smiles!

Aleah, Cayley and Bryce

Aleah, Cayley and Bryce

Frosting Sugar Cookies

Requires intense concentration!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Pirate Family

So last year we were Superheros for Halloween (minus one-daddy).

This year for Halloween we were a family of Pirates! However, no picture of Mommy Pirate :(

Here is Pirate Cayden!
The triplets looking as thrilled as ever!

Pirate Brycey!

Pirate Aleah (in the front) and Pirate Cayley

And Pirate Cayden showing Pirate Daddy how to skate!

Hey, we even won a prize for the best dressed family! I'm already thinking about what we will be next year!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big Bird

Again, just now updating since, well, I awhile. In case you didn't know, the babies lil' kids turned 2 in August. Like I said, late in blogging. I have this thing about 2 year birthdays and Big Bird Cakes. I had a Big Bird Cake (from the same cake pan, thanks to my momma!) for my 2nd birthday. I made Cayden a Big Bird Cake for his 2nd birthday. I thought I saw a picture that had hubby with a Big Bird birthday cake for his 2nd birthday as well, but we aren't sure on that one - So I'm pretending he did. With that said, I decided to make a family tradition.

I started a few days before the triplets birthday. Aleah's cake of course was pink (strawberry cake). Bryce had a chocolate cake and Cayley had a white cake (I suppose I could have made it purple for her). I really debated having only one cake for the three of them to share, but opted to have 3 separate cakes. Beacause, You know, had they not been triplets and each had their own birthdays, they each would have had their own cake (or so I told myself). So they each must have their own cakes! It was time consuming, my back hurt from being hunched over the cakes decorating them. But in the end, to toot my own horn... these cakes turn out awesome!

On a side note: I am soooooo done making Big Bird Cakes!

A look back at the first days of school...

Back in August, we all (except dad) started school...

The "little kids" and mom were the first ones to go to school this year. Here are the lil kids as we are getting ready to head out. Keep in mind, "school" for the lil kids is really daycare. They started daycare this year. For the past 2 years, we have had people come into the house during the days to take care of them. This year, we decided it was best to put them in a structured daycare. They have adjusted well!
Cayley in purple jacket, Aleah in pink and Bryce.

Cayden started KINDERGARTEN!!!!! I can't believe it. It has been an adventure for us through the first couple of months (as I am late in posting)

Having Cayden go off to kindergarten wasn't bad for me. I hear of some moms getting all emotional that their baby is growing up, but I was ok ...


Cayden lost his first tooth! I wasn't ready for that at all. I think I about shed a tear the night it fell out! He was so proud of himself. It literally fell out of his mouth while he was talking to KiKi (Scott's mom) on the phone. He now has another wiggly tooth!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A look back at June...


Cayden celebrated at home on his real birthday!
Then we were to have a birthday at the bowling alley. Now here's my chance to vent... Even three months later, I'm still a bit bitter. We invited some kids from Cayden's school (really daycare). I had three people RSVP out of 10. I am asking all people, if you are asked to RSVP, please do so! So... ONE friend came!!!!!! I felt like such a failure as a mom (I realize I had no control over the attendance of the party. Maybe it had something to do with the weather or the fact it was the first weekend after school was out for the summer. I don't know). Regardless, Cayden had a blast with his friend. He had an awesome cake. We have some AMAZING family friends who dropped what they were doing that day and came to have cake with Cayden. I should also mention that Mr. Bowling Alley Worker was amazing. He felt bad for us and thankfully, he didn't charge us the full amount for the birthday.

Tball started! This was our first summer of Tball. It was very entertaining.
Here is Cayden on third base (with helmet and red shorts)

Cayden playing catcher (red shorts)
Cayden batting!

A look back at May...

No real excuses for my lack of updates over the summer. Life got extremely busy/crazy/hectic and in my free time, I was, well, lazy about updating the blog.

Some updated pics from May...

We had a picnic in the garage.

And Cayden got an early birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa J. Here was everyone trying it out for the first time.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Daddy is HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We met Grandma and Grandpa at the airport to greet Scott as he came home. Each child had red, white and blue balloons, along with home made shirts that I made for them. The front says: "Welcome Home" and the back has "I (heart) Daddy"

Here's Aleah (left) and Cayley (right) showing off their matching shirts.

We had a tough time knowing who was who when they were wearing these with their matching shorts. (I don't usually dress them identically)

Here is Grandma trying to keep the lil' kids under control. (L-R:Bryce, Aleah and Cayley)

Cayden proudly showing off his "Welcome Home" sign he and I worked on.

Daddy saying hi to Bryce and Cayden

Brycey had no problems warming up to his daddy.

Aleah was pretty excited as well!

Group hug for Daddy from Aleah and Bryce.

I have more pictures to come...

Monday, May 10, 2010

We all fall down!

We are doing some remodeling in our house, which is consisting of tearing down a wall and putting up a new wall. We had to clean out the "office" space which was really just a paper storage room with a computer (it was a disaster!)

Anyway... This video was taken the day construction started. It was the first time that the babies had ever been in this room. They had so much fun. I didn't take the video, my dad did. I found myself laughing outloud while I'm watching it for the first time. People would think that I'm crazy (which I might be, the jury's still out on that one) ...

Really... I think these babies are crazy!!! (Aleah is in the pink clothes, Cayley has the blue shirt with purple, and Bryce is my blondie).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brycey... AKA Elmer Fudd

Story behind the picture... We are having some remodeling done in Cayden's room and the office to prepare for Bryce and Cayden to share a room. While Mr. Bob is here working, the kids and I are downstairs (which is a new adventure for the babies). I was turing on some cartoons for the babies and I hear Bryce doing his "I want something"-grunt. I told him just a minute (and I'm sure he knows what that means). I turned around 30 seconds later and find him in the chair covered with the blanket. Now, he isn't our climber and really very seldom manages to climb on anything. So you can imagine my surprise that he was in the chair. And then to realize that he covered himself with the blanket. The hat, well... that is just one of the babies' obsessions. More to come on that later...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lake Cabin

We went out to my parents "new" lake cabin on Sunday afternoon for supper. They have been working on it since last fall. There is no furniture in it yet, so the babies had a blast running around in all of the free space.

Here is an attempt of trying to get all four kids in a picture for their first experience in the new cabin. (L to R: Bryce, Cayden, Aleah, Cayley)

Attempt #2: Cayley is starting to make her break for it.

Attempt #3: Then there were 3... Cayley got out of the picture and Aleah was going to join her. Not sure what happened to Bryce - if he fell over or what...

Attemp #4: And then there was one! Cayden stayed for one last picture. Babies were long gone running through the cabin.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Some of Cayden's favorite girls! (All are students of mine). He had fun cheering for them during Grand March :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm in for trouble...

Aleah (in pink) and Cayley (in green)

One afternoon, I'm off in the kitchen doing something. I hear all of these giggles and squeals of delight coming from the living room. I go to investigate and find the little girls sitting in the chair. Those little climbers! (And I have to say that I love the static hair). Aleah can now climb up all things in the living room. Cayley is bit more reserved, and doesn't climb quite as much as Aleah. And well, Brycey is just a bit more "husky" and doesn't quite get up on things as easily as the girls. Although I did observe him climb up on the couch the other day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Picture says it all

I don't normally like to draw attention to myself, but I thought I would share this for two reasons.
1). My hubby is deployed and he missed out :(
2). Because of the writing on the cake. Now the cake maker (not going to mention her name) did a very nice job. But she did point out to us (Myself and the kiddos), that she kind of messed up on the "Y" on birthday. Then Cayden says, "But Grandma, you also messed up on that "A" oops, said I was going to say who the cake maker was -wink, wink ;). The "A" Cayden pointed to was the A in Happy.
You wouldn't believe how much the babies love cake! Cayden on the other hand could take it or leave it (he definitely doesn't get that from me!)

Monday, April 5, 2010


Cayden and Bryce HAVE to have matching shirts whenever possible. I think it is funny because it is ALWAYS Cayden's idea. I wonder how long Cayden will "be nice" to Brycey and want to match Bryce.

The girls... Well, they are peanuts! I bought these dresses for the girls last fall to wear from Thanksgiving (size 18 months). The girls are 20 months, and still wearing 12 months clothes. At their 18 month check up (which was really at 19 months), Aleah weighed 20 pounds and Cayley weighed 21 pounds, and that was with clothes on and WET diapers. (By the way, Bryce weighed in at 26 pounds, or was it 27 pounds-I can't remember).

Easter Egg hunt was fun. The "big kids" had fun, even running on little sleep. As for the "little kids", the girls did fine. Bryce wanted nothing to do with the grass! I set him down and he immediately stood on his tippy toes and screamed and cried! It's going to be a long summer for us if doesn't want to go on the grass!

Here is some pictures from Easter.

Cayden checking out the gifts from the Easter Bunny




Cayley with Grandpa

Aleah with Kara (babysitter)

Bryce staying clear of the grass.

Cayden and cousin Ash looking for eggs.

Counting eggs to make sure they found them all!

Easter Lunch
(L to R: Cousin Ash, Cayden, Cousin Addy)