Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brycey... AKA Elmer Fudd

Story behind the picture... We are having some remodeling done in Cayden's room and the office to prepare for Bryce and Cayden to share a room. While Mr. Bob is here working, the kids and I are downstairs (which is a new adventure for the babies). I was turing on some cartoons for the babies and I hear Bryce doing his "I want something"-grunt. I told him just a minute (and I'm sure he knows what that means). I turned around 30 seconds later and find him in the chair covered with the blanket. Now, he isn't our climber and really very seldom manages to climb on anything. So you can imagine my surprise that he was in the chair. And then to realize that he covered himself with the blanket. The hat, well... that is just one of the babies' obsessions. More to come on that later...