Monday, April 19, 2010

Lake Cabin

We went out to my parents "new" lake cabin on Sunday afternoon for supper. They have been working on it since last fall. There is no furniture in it yet, so the babies had a blast running around in all of the free space.

Here is an attempt of trying to get all four kids in a picture for their first experience in the new cabin. (L to R: Bryce, Cayden, Aleah, Cayley)

Attempt #2: Cayley is starting to make her break for it.

Attempt #3: Then there were 3... Cayley got out of the picture and Aleah was going to join her. Not sure what happened to Bryce - if he fell over or what...

Attemp #4: And then there was one! Cayden stayed for one last picture. Babies were long gone running through the cabin.


melissa.godinez said...

Oh my goodness!! When did they get so big??? They are just beautiful. Miss you lots...send me an e-mail update soon.