Thursday, July 8, 2010

Daddy is HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We met Grandma and Grandpa at the airport to greet Scott as he came home. Each child had red, white and blue balloons, along with home made shirts that I made for them. The front says: "Welcome Home" and the back has "I (heart) Daddy"

Here's Aleah (left) and Cayley (right) showing off their matching shirts.

We had a tough time knowing who was who when they were wearing these with their matching shorts. (I don't usually dress them identically)

Here is Grandma trying to keep the lil' kids under control. (L-R:Bryce, Aleah and Cayley)

Cayden proudly showing off his "Welcome Home" sign he and I worked on.

Daddy saying hi to Bryce and Cayden

Brycey had no problems warming up to his daddy.

Aleah was pretty excited as well!

Group hug for Daddy from Aleah and Bryce.

I have more pictures to come...