Monday, April 5, 2010


Cayden and Bryce HAVE to have matching shirts whenever possible. I think it is funny because it is ALWAYS Cayden's idea. I wonder how long Cayden will "be nice" to Brycey and want to match Bryce.

The girls... Well, they are peanuts! I bought these dresses for the girls last fall to wear from Thanksgiving (size 18 months). The girls are 20 months, and still wearing 12 months clothes. At their 18 month check up (which was really at 19 months), Aleah weighed 20 pounds and Cayley weighed 21 pounds, and that was with clothes on and WET diapers. (By the way, Bryce weighed in at 26 pounds, or was it 27 pounds-I can't remember).

Easter Egg hunt was fun. The "big kids" had fun, even running on little sleep. As for the "little kids", the girls did fine. Bryce wanted nothing to do with the grass! I set him down and he immediately stood on his tippy toes and screamed and cried! It's going to be a long summer for us if doesn't want to go on the grass!

Here is some pictures from Easter.

Cayden checking out the gifts from the Easter Bunny




Cayley with Grandpa

Aleah with Kara (babysitter)

Bryce staying clear of the grass.

Cayden and cousin Ash looking for eggs.

Counting eggs to make sure they found them all!

Easter Lunch
(L to R: Cousin Ash, Cayden, Cousin Addy)