Monday, April 12, 2010

Picture says it all

I don't normally like to draw attention to myself, but I thought I would share this for two reasons.
1). My hubby is deployed and he missed out :(
2). Because of the writing on the cake. Now the cake maker (not going to mention her name) did a very nice job. But she did point out to us (Myself and the kiddos), that she kind of messed up on the "Y" on birthday. Then Cayden says, "But Grandma, you also messed up on that "A" oops, said I was going to say who the cake maker was -wink, wink ;). The "A" Cayden pointed to was the A in Happy.
You wouldn't believe how much the babies love cake! Cayden on the other hand could take it or leave it (he definitely doesn't get that from me!)