Monday, May 10, 2010

We all fall down!

We are doing some remodeling in our house, which is consisting of tearing down a wall and putting up a new wall. We had to clean out the "office" space which was really just a paper storage room with a computer (it was a disaster!)

Anyway... This video was taken the day construction started. It was the first time that the babies had ever been in this room. They had so much fun. I didn't take the video, my dad did. I found myself laughing outloud while I'm watching it for the first time. People would think that I'm crazy (which I might be, the jury's still out on that one) ...

Really... I think these babies are crazy!!! (Aleah is in the pink clothes, Cayley has the blue shirt with purple, and Bryce is my blondie).


Pat Halland aka gramiepat said...

Those babies are so cute and so much fun to watch the videos you make of them.

melissa.godinez said...

Too cute! I can't believe that they are up and running around like crazy. It seems like you were just pregnant.