Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big Bird

Again, just now updating since, well, I awhile. In case you didn't know, the babies lil' kids turned 2 in August. Like I said, late in blogging. I have this thing about 2 year birthdays and Big Bird Cakes. I had a Big Bird Cake (from the same cake pan, thanks to my momma!) for my 2nd birthday. I made Cayden a Big Bird Cake for his 2nd birthday. I thought I saw a picture that had hubby with a Big Bird birthday cake for his 2nd birthday as well, but we aren't sure on that one - So I'm pretending he did. With that said, I decided to make a family tradition.

I started a few days before the triplets birthday. Aleah's cake of course was pink (strawberry cake). Bryce had a chocolate cake and Cayley had a white cake (I suppose I could have made it purple for her). I really debated having only one cake for the three of them to share, but opted to have 3 separate cakes. Beacause, You know, had they not been triplets and each had their own birthdays, they each would have had their own cake (or so I told myself). So they each must have their own cakes! It was time consuming, my back hurt from being hunched over the cakes decorating them. But in the end, to toot my own horn... these cakes turn out awesome!

On a side note: I am soooooo done making Big Bird Cakes!