Thursday, September 2, 2010

A look back at June...


Cayden celebrated at home on his real birthday!
Then we were to have a birthday at the bowling alley. Now here's my chance to vent... Even three months later, I'm still a bit bitter. We invited some kids from Cayden's school (really daycare). I had three people RSVP out of 10. I am asking all people, if you are asked to RSVP, please do so! So... ONE friend came!!!!!! I felt like such a failure as a mom (I realize I had no control over the attendance of the party. Maybe it had something to do with the weather or the fact it was the first weekend after school was out for the summer. I don't know). Regardless, Cayden had a blast with his friend. He had an awesome cake. We have some AMAZING family friends who dropped what they were doing that day and came to have cake with Cayden. I should also mention that Mr. Bowling Alley Worker was amazing. He felt bad for us and thankfully, he didn't charge us the full amount for the birthday.

Tball started! This was our first summer of Tball. It was very entertaining.
Here is Cayden on third base (with helmet and red shorts)

Cayden playing catcher (red shorts)
Cayden batting!