Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who is Who???????

Here's a few pictures of the triplets dressed the same. We very seldom dress them the same. Actually, I think this is the first time that they were in identical outfits. Can you guess who is who??? (Click on the link for the "comments" for this post to see if you guessed correctly!!) There's a reason that these babies are very seldom dressed the same!

One of them looked like they were making a puppet out of their sibling. It was really funny to watch!


The Gibbons Family said...

Brycey is on the left. He's hard to confuse with the girls. He really is our "Chunky Monkey." He was sound asleep when we propped them up for their pictures, so he looks just a wee bit out of it. Cayley is in the middle and Aleah is on the right.

Brent and Amy Van Gundy said...

I can't guess who is who, but they are all so cute!

kreinke said...

I totally knew which one Bryce was! ;)