Friday, October 16, 2009


We, I should clarify, Cayden and I ventured out to the rodeo on Sunday (Oct. 11th) for Military Appreciation Day.

Some of Cayden's Favorites:
Popcorn, Soda like Grandpa likes (AKA Coca Cola), and the bubble gum we brought from home.

Rodeo favorite: The guy who jumped the motorcycle over the pick-up with trailer attached. How sad is that? We go to the rodeo and he tells me that his favorite was the motorcylce. He also told me he was going to do that someday and ride a motorcycle really fast. I explained that mom wouldn't really like that, so he said ok. And that he wasn't going to ride a motorcycle. Can I get that in writing?!

Other Favorites from the Rodeo:
My favorite: CAYDEN!

This was one of Cayden's favorites: The "Broncos" as he calls them.

And I have decided the most insane sport that I can think of: Bull riding. I apologize to anyone who reads this that might be a bull-rider or a fan of the sport. Cayden had fun watching them, but I cringed everytime a bull moved. I can't believe people willing ride bulls. And on top of that, I can believe that people (me included during the rodeo) watch the sport. So very crazy. At least Cayden didn't come out saying he wanted to ride bulls. I don't know what I would have done.
(sorry for the blurry pictures, these animals move so fast for their enormous size!)