Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What happened to November?

Wow!!! It's been a month since I've posted anything. Life sure has been crazy!

We went out of town beginning of the month for my Grandmother's funeral. Spent the weekend in a hotel that was not child-proofed, especially for three munchkins. Why can't hotels child-proof 1 or 2 rooms and reserve those for families with small children. The expense to childproof can't be the great and the rooms would definitely get used. Plus it would help make the parents stay a bit more relaxing. I can think big, can't I?

Actually, prior to going out of town, Cayden had a doctor appointment with an Ear-Nose-Throat Doctor. It was the day I had been waiting for, finally answers to why Cayden's tonsils were so ginormous. (so I know that's not a word, but his tonsils were beyond huge!) We had been to the doctor for Cayden's throat 5 times within a 6 week period. If you know me, I'm not one to rush my kids to the doctor over anything. It has to be pretty serious before I take them in. Well, the first time he had tonsilitis, gave him medicine, no change to his tonsils. Take him back a week later: Doctor says, yep that's normal, toddlers have enlarged tonsils. I think Ok. I'm good with that. Then three weeks after that Cayden is complaining that his throat hurts (Cayden never complains of any pain, EVER) so I take him back in. Now he has strep throat. More meds (different kind this time), cures the strep, still huge tonsils (HUGE). Take him back 2 weeks later, another doctor says yep, their still big, but since he just got off his medicine, he should be getting better. This doctor also said he has allergies so she prescribed him Singulair. Now, let's think about this... It's almost November, I realize our fall has been really mild, but allergies now??? to a kid who hasn't really ever shown signs of allergies before? I'm not buying into this anymore. I decided I'm not happy with these doctors because something is going on that his tonsils are HUGE (did I mention that they were really, really big?? almost touching!) I finally talk to someone on base (first time we actually get an appointment on base), and the doctor there says, "Why don't we refer him to and ENT" (ear, nose, throat doc). Whew, finally some real help. We finally get this appointment with the ENT, and he says "yep, his tonsils are huge" (no? really?) "and his adenoids are also large. We can either wait" (for what I'm not sure) or we can remove them all." I said, "let's remove them and be done with this" (ok, so the decision wasn't really a snap decision, I had been thinking about this for a long time - September and now it's November - and keep in mind, Cayden is showing lots of other issues at home regarding the swollen tonsils and now to my knowledge his adenoids. He had sleeping issues, breathing issues, to name a few.) I should also mention, the ENT doctor said that "other" doctors often say allergies are the issue when they really aren't.

So, one fine Monday morning, just 10 days ago, Cayden underwent surgery. I was terrified even though I know that this is a routine, same day surgery. Here is Cayden prior to surgery.

He did well in the surgery and then continued to do well at home. He had chicken nuggets for supper that night.

The day following the surgery is a whole 'nother story. I get called to the office at school to hear from our secretary "your dad called and he can't wake Cayden to take his [pain] medicine" What?!? He's not waking. So I leave my students with the secretary to deal with and run home. It's now 11:45, and my dad started trying to wake Cayden at 11. My mom was there by this time trying to wake him as well. He didn't respond (he is breathing). Nothing, just a deep, deep sleep. So I pick him up, wrap him in a blanket and off we rush to the Emergency Room. (he doesn't wake up in the cool fall air either). Finally, while we are waiting to go into the ER he wakes up, around 12:15 or so. He wakes on his own. We go back so they can monitor him. Turns out the medicine he was on for pain was just way too strong for his little body. We have since only give him medicine if he asks for it, and we only give him half of what was recommended. Scary, scary stuff. He is doing much better now.

Let's see, what else has been happening... Babies went in for the 15 month check up and shots. That was a blast! HA!!! Lucky Dad gets to miss all of these fun shot appointments. Babies were all healthy at the time of the appointment. But a couple days later, life was not fun with babies. Brycey got sick, coughing lots, just unhappy. Then Cayley caught it, and then Aleah is just plain ol' miserable. A week later, I'm sick and checking myself into the clinic (got meds, doing much better now). I decide to get babies in as well a couple of days later. Cayley was the only one to come home with medicine for two ear infection, poor thing. The other two, I am told, just have viruses.

I always claimed I was not going to the THAT family that is ALWAYS sick. I never should have said anything. We are THAT family now.

Whew, lots of information for one post, with only one picture. Hopefully life will calm down soon (but probably not with a 4 year old and 3 - 15 months old), but I don't think I will get my hopes up for that!

Happy Thanksgiving!