Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random photos

I was feeling like I needed to do an update on the blog, however there just isn't enough time. I haven't really taken pictures of the kids for awhile other than the occasional cell phone picture. Here are some:

Cayley playing on Grandma's toys.
Bryce playing with a toy at Grandma's.
Cayden helping me shovel. A teacher from school was kind enough to come sit with babies so I could clear out the snow.
Bryce loves to climb into these storage containers. He just sits and plays in them.
Cayley also enjoys sitting in the storage container. However she is one unhappy camper when Bryce (who is a good 6 pounds heavier than her) sits ON her in the container.

Aleah put this "pretty necklace" on herself the other day.

I brought up Cayden's couch from the basement. The babies have truly loved playing on it. Here is Aleah relaxing on the couch.

Cayley on Cayden's couch.

Aleah watching Dora while relaxing on Cayden's couch.
Cayden with Bryce and Cayley