Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cayden's Christmas Preformance

Cayden's "School" (aka: daycare) put on a Christmas show for their parents. It was so cute! Luckily, Scott arrived the day of the performance, and he was able to attend as well!

(Cayden has the red polo shirt on, in case you can't find him)
Apparently the teachers at school tell the kids to do their "bubbles" when they are supposed to be quiet. Well, Cayden listened very well. In between each song they would leave the room, get the next prop, and then come back out. Everytime Cayden came back out, he had his cheeks puffed out (we later heard about the teachers and the bubbles).

A class picture.

Wait! What do we hear?

SANTA of course! What's a Christmas performance without an appearance from Santa!