Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More ND State Fair Pictures

We, the four kids, myself and Grandpa Johnson, headed out to the fair for military appreciation day. They have a lunch and offer free rides for the military families, so we thought we would venture out for the day. Here's some pictures of our adventures (there's a lot of pics because it is easier to put the pics on here so their daddy can see them while he is deployed. It takes so long to attach them to an email):

The day started off a little chilly, so I shared my sweater with Cayden.
The babies at the lunch.
Cayden pumping water at the lunch.
Cayden learning how to rope a "cow".
A successful Cayden after getting his "cow"!
Cayden took Grandpa Johnson down the big slide.

The tornado, the only "big" ride that Cayden (and I and Grandpa) went on. (Another family watched the triplets).
Cayden before the tornado started.
The babies later in the day, while Cayden was enjoying the rides.
And if you think one set of triplets can make a scene, two sets of triplets definitely makes a scene. It was so fun! The "other" set of triplets are about 3 months older than our babies. Left to right: girl, girl, boy-leaving their names off to respect their privacy. It sure was fun to talk to the parents, someone else who knows all of the things parents of multiples experience.
And maybe one of my most favorite pics of the day: Cayden and mommy on the ferris wheel.