Thursday, August 13, 2009

Presents at the MN Lake

Lisa and family gave the babies this fun multi-activity toy for the babies birthday. Of course the three older kids, Cayden, cousin Addy and cousin Ash, helped the babies open it. And of course the older kids enjoyed playing with the toy as well. At some point there were 5 kids playing with the toy, but I missed it on the camera.

Cousin Ash running to help open the big present. Cayley is in the yellow top.

Cousin Ash, Cousin Addy and Cayden opening the big present.

Ash, Addy, Bryce and Cayden checking out the new toy.

Aleah is in the middle of the picture looking at me. I wonder what is going through her mind.

Cayley (in yellow top) and Aleah were watching me.