Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Eve Pictures

Here are some pictures of Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's. All 6 grandchildren came to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Most of the pictures are of the triplets as the other 3 are quite a bit more mobile and would rather play than have their picture taken. I did catch them a few times though.

Here are the girls, in matching sleepers. Who is who???

(Cayley is in the first picture, Aleah is in the second picture - Jill, Thanks for the outfits!)

Here is a picture of the girls together.(L to R: Cayley, Aleah)

Here is what I call "The Three Stooges"
A lady that I work with gave her mother a project of knitting hats for the little munchkins. They were a bit snug, but cute none-the-less. I think people think that since they are multiples and premies, that they are much smaller than what they are. (L to R: Aleah, Bryce, Cayley)

A Christmas Eve Tradition
Every Christmas Eve we have rice pudding. There is an almond hidden in "one" bowl of rice pudding, and whoever gets the almond wins a surprise. Somehow, the children in the families always seem to ALL get almonds. Here are the three older kids eating their rice pudding (although some are like Scott-they just look for the almond and then give me their rice pudding. I can't get enough!)

Here's the babies with their almonds. No that isn't rabbit do-do left on their blankets, it's almonds.(L to R: Bryce, Cayley, Aleah)

The big kids took a break from playing long enough for me to snap a picture.
Cayden and Ash

Santa Came to Visit
Santa knew exactly what to bring Cayden. A Disney Pixar's "Cars" Racetrack. That Santa got it perfect!

Aleah with Santa

Cayley with Santa (this was the best picture I got of her. The other picture she was pulling on Santa's beard-naughty Cayley)

Bryce with Santa


Lindy said...

Yay! I'm so glad Bryce is home... You guys (all 6 of you) are amazing!