Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Doctor's Appointment (from December)

So now that I am in the hospital with Brycey, I have more time to catch up on my blogging. Here are some pictures of the triplets getting ready to go for their 4 month checkup back in mid-December.

Here is Cayley. She was the first one to get ready to go. Is she laughing or crying????

She was crying. She doesn't like things on her face, and I think we had just saved her from that. She was still a little mad.

Next to get ready was Aleah. I think she liked her snowsuit as she slept most of the time in it. So snuggly warm.

No pictures of Bryce by himself in his. By the time I got him in his snowsuit and carseat, we had to go. But first Scott snapped a couple of group pictures while I rounded up the diaper bag.

Notice the babies's arms in this next pic. They are all reaching for the sky! Those little snowsuits don't allow for much bending. But yes, they could have put their arms down if they wanted to.