Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let it snow, Let it snow, let it ahhhhhhhhh!

Enough already! This post is dedicated to our friends and family "down south." Some of you think you know snow, but let me tell you... We definitely know snow here! There isn't a more appropriate time to put this post on our blog than today, as we are expecting another 5-8 inches of snow by tomorrow night (according to More snow to add to the mountains of snow we have already!

These pictures are from December 14th.

Yes, that is me outside with the snowblower. Scott stayed in and took care of the family. Now, we have had at least 3 more snow storms since then. And more tonight, with more next week! We had a record setting amount of snowfall for December. January started off with more snow! We haven't had this much snow since we've been back in ND (since 2005). Snow is one thing, but when you add in the good ol' ND wind, it makes for a huge mess outside!

I think Cayden might be a "southerner" at heart. He loves to look at snow and watch the snow fall. HOWEVER, when it is time to walk outside in the snow, he refuses. We must carry him over the snow, or else he'll try to "jump" over the snow. We/he has to be careful when jumping over the snow, as he has been known to slip-no falls as of yet. But he will walk on the snow if he has his snow boots on. I do give him credit, he has never complained about the cold, even when it is 20 below zero. Yes, I said 20 BELOW zero. That doesn't even take into account the wind chill factor.

I hope this gives you southerners a little look into the wonderful ND winters. Any one up for visiting us this winter????? We could go sledding!!!!!!!!!!


The Gibbons Family said...

I should mention the yellow and green things at the bottom of the first pictures (which were giant christmas bulbs/lights) are no longer visable. We will either have to dig them out or just wait until the snow melts to get them out.

Brent and Amy Van Gundy said...

I'm so glad you posted on our blog! I wanted to talk to you more the night of the benefit, but we left shortly after seeing you! Your family is beautiful! You should e-mail me sometime and we can play some more catch up!
Talk to you soon, momma!