Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Go Gamecocks!

Cayden is a huge South Carolina Gamecocks fan. Okay, so maybe he is influenced some by his daddy. Someone, (eh-hem:daddy) I'm not sure who, (eh-hem:daddy), taught Cayden to say "Booooooo" (eh-hem:daddy) to Clemson (eh-hem:daddy). I just can't figure out who would have taught Cayden such a thing. Boy, am I sure glad that I was able to clear that frog out of my throat!

Here is Cayden sporting his new Gamecocks jersey and "silver" sweatshirt. (ok, so you can't see the jersey, but I promise he is wearing it under his "silver" sweatshirt)

Gamecocks are #1!!!!

Gosh, what a handsome kiddo! Go USC Gamecocks!


Gibby said...

Smart Kid!!!!