Friday, January 30, 2009


Here are some picture and videos of Aleah. She has been quite the character lately!

Aleah's Teeth:
(Cayley also has teeth, but she kept putting her tongue over her teeth when I tried to get pictures. Only Aleah would cooperate).

Aleah in the jumpy seat
Aleah was having so much fun in this seat, hard to believe, huh. One of her siblings (can't remember if it was Cayley or Bryce) started fussing so I had to tend to them quickly. When I was done tending to the sibling, I turned and looked at Aleah and she was sound asleep. We (Cayden and I) took a few pictures of her enjoying her new jumpy seat. Cayden took the second picture all by himself!

Aleah Talking (video clip)
This clip will give you just a hint of what we experience in our household. This is how Aleah "talks." When she really gets going, it is very noisy (and high pitched!). Occassionally, Cayley will join in with her and that makes for a very noisey time!


Lorisa said...

Shayna--I have been following your blog for awhile since Sarah gave it to me, and I absolutely love the updates. I prayed for you while you were on bedrest and I can't believe how big and wonderful your babies have gotten. I would love to meet them in person someday. This video is adorable...I could just love her up! (well, all of them for that matter). Hope you are doing well!