Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bryce Our Talker, Take 2

I know it probably seems like I favor Bryce a bit, as this is the second video of him talking on our blog. However, it's just that he talks more than the other two. The girls are just starting to babble a little. It seems the order of development for these three is Bryce, then Aleah, followed by Cayley. Bryce was the first to smile, then Aleah, and then Cayley. (Now the three of them almost always have smiles on their faces!) Bryce was the first to talk. Aleah was second (but she is still working on it), and Cayley was not far behind Aleah.

Here's our Brycey Christmas Day talking to his Grandma Connie. (Grandpa is feeding Aleah in the background. And you can hear Cayden and cousins Addy and Ash playing somewhere in the background).