Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Circus is in town!

Cayden and I got to sneak away yesterday and attend the circus. The babies stayed home with 4 (yes 4!) wonderful volunteer babysitters. I had to laugh, one said that it really does take 4 people to watch the babies: 1 to get things ready (food, bottles, and anything else that is needed) and then the other 3 to hold each baby. So, maybe while Scott is gone, I really am superwoman-4 people all tied into 1!!!!!

Cayden was able to take a picture with one of the clowns that was greeting the kids as they came to the circus.

Cayden got to select a special treat when we went to the circus. He picked out the cool light up fan (batteries died by the end of the circus! Mom to the rescue: I was able to "fix" it when we got home=new batteries!)

Cayden clapping while holding onto his fan.

Cayden with his hand on his heart while they played the Star Spangled Banner.

Cayden with his blue lips. We had to have blue cotton candy, and this was the aftermath of eating it (I was shocked that we didn't get pink cotton candy). It was raining outside when we left, hence the hood. Not sure why he was making that face though.


kreinke said...

You ARE a super woman!!! PS-Keaton got the exact same fan but in black!!