Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baptism (finally)

We had been trying to figure out a time when we could get most everybody together for the babies' baptisms. Well, it finally worked out. We had the babies baptized on Easter Sunday. My sister, Lisa, and her family were able to make a quick trip to ND to be here for the baptism. And Scott's parents were ble to fly up for a quick trip. It was nice to have everyone here, but it sure was hectic. Here are some pictures of the baptisms. First triplets baptism for our special Pastor! :)

Cayden and Aleah

Scott and Bryce

During the Baptism, Scott held Cayley (who was not a happy camper most of the time), I held Bryce (why do I seem to always get stuck with our little chunk!) and my mother held Aleah. In the pictures, you can see three other children, Cayden and his cousins Addy and Ash.

Pastor with the babies

not sure how I ended up holding my two oldest children, Cayden and Aleah. Guess I'm lucky I didn't throw my back out! :)