Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bye Dad! See you in 27 M & M's

That's how many days that Scott is going to be gone and I'm going to be a single Mom! Each day Cayden is supposed to eat an M & M out of a jar. When the M & M's are gone, daddy should be back home! Now, I just have to remember to always have Cayden eat one. Some days are a little hectic and we almost forget.

This isn't the first time I have had to be a single parent. But is the first time for me to be a single parent of 4 kiddos. For those of you who I haven't filled in... Scott has deployment orders for July. First, he has to attend training for a month (which is where he is now). Then, the end of June he has another class to attend. He will get to come back for a few days then he is off for a YEAR, a whole YEAR! Thank goodness my parents live in town, and we have lots of great friends in town who will help out. My dad has been staying with us right now just to help out with everybody during the night. He has been a HUGE HELP!

Cayden helping his daddy bring his suitcase to the airplane check-in.

Cayden, handling all that is happening quite well.

Smothering Daddy with a big "Cayden hug".

Cayden to his dad: "Dad, you're the man!" Or maybe he is thinking "Dad, you are my hero!"

Cayden played peek-a-boo with a little girl there while we waited for the airplane to get in.


Lorisa said...

Oh Shaina! My heart just breaks for you and the kids as Scott gets deployed. Thank goodness you have great friends and family around to help. Man--that will be a long time to be without him and a long time for him not to see the kids. I will CONTINUE to keep you in my prayers and for Scott's safe return!

kreinke said...

If the "other Kaden" needs a playdate and you need a "break" me!!! We are more than happy to have him over to entertain him!! :)