Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Cayden is taking skating lessons! Some of you blog-followers out there know that I teach figure skating. Well, Cayden finally gets to sign up for lessons! After watching our annual ice show the other weekend, all he could talk about was skating. I found him a pair of skates (yes, he "gets" to wear figure skates-not hockey skates, because I said so) :) Last week was his first time skating without me, his mom, with him. He did OK, but wanted me to skate with him (which I can't do-he has another coach to teach him). The coach that was helping him was very patient with him, thank goodness! We only ended up with tears a couple of times. At the end of the lessons, the skaters can go skate on the "practice ice" by themselves. I think he moved more practicing than he did in his lesson. One lesson down, only 5 more to go for this session. Hopefully the next lesson(s) will go better. (sorry for the blurry-ness of this next picure). Here is Cayden attempting to stand up. His coach told him to act like a puppy-dog, which he took literally.