Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The weather was absolutely beautiful on Sunday, so we ventured out to the zoo. We, meaning, Me, Cayden, Aleah, Bryce, Cayley, and Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. It was interesting. When we got to the zoo, I felt like we were a bunch of clowns unloading out of one of those itty-bitty cars. But it really was a fun day! The babies slept through most of their first zoo experience. Cayden's favorite thing about the zoo was feeding the ducks.
Cayden feeding the ducks.
Cayden in front of the train engine. He really wanted to go up on it and go through it.
Bryce's first time at the zoo.
Cayley's first time at the zoo.
Aleah's first trip to the zoo. (the close up was the only way I could get her picture)
Cayden feeding the deer.
These were the only penguins we saw at the zoo. Who knew ND would be too cold to have penguins out on display!