Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trip to Montana

Last weekend we made a trip to Montana for a cousin's wedding reception. My uncle had a couple of 4-wheelers that he let the kids drive around (he lives out in the country). Cayden didn't want to ride on one when all of the kids were around, but he waited until they started leaving. Luckily my cousin was willing to give him a ride before we left. Not only did Cayden get to ride the in the 4-wheeler, but my cousin let him drive it! Cayden had a blast and I have to say that he did a pretty good job of driving it.

Other Pictures: Cayden riding and driving with my cousin.

I asked Cayden to stand by the horses so I could take a picture.

Story behind the next photos: So another one of my cousins was so kind and took Cayden under his wing during this weekend. Cayden loved it because he had a male's attention (missing since his dad is deployed). My cousin came walking by and told me that Cayden was up on the scissor lift. I thought okay (not knowing what a scissor lift was). Another cousin then said, "Oh, yeah, I can see him over the top of the barn" WHAT!?!? He's where? So I quickly discovered what a scissor lift was! He was on the way down by the time I got to where he was to snap a couple of pictures. The pictures didn't turn out so well as the sun was setting and I couldn't figure out how to change the mode on my camera. He had a blast! Unfortunately I didn't take pictures to get the whole feeling of how high up he was.