Monday, July 13, 2009


Crackers are definitely not a snack to be eaten in the living room. I thought I would try it anyway, as I feel that we spend so much time in the kitchen (it seems like we are always feeding babies around here!). I have a blanket laid out on the floor in the living room to protect the rug from the babies (although we will be getting a new rug after these three are a little older. They have been really tough on the rug). Anyway... So I had all three babies sit on the blanket for a snack. Similar to picnic time, clean-up is a breeze, shake the blanket outside and throw in the wash.

I discovered that we will never have crackers again in the living room. Cheerios they do much better with. But here is the mess after the crackers.
Aleah is in orange and Cayley is in blue.

This is Bryce after having crawled military style through the crackers.

And here is big brother Cayden, just watching them all.