Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So as I was unloading the dishwasher this evening, I was thinking about how many of everything we go through in a day. Here's what I came up with so far (I'm sure I will have to edit this as I think about it more).

18 diapers (at least)
60 ounces of formula (rough estimate)
12 spoons
12 bowls (breakfast, lunch, supper and evening snack)
1 banana (at least, more if we have a banana for a snack)
1 can of fruit (sometimes less if we have fresh fruit)
18 ice cubes of baby food (I am proud to say that I have made all of the baby food for the triplets except for the cereal. I should give Grandma Connie credit as she contributes to the homemade baby food supply).

Other numbers:
We can go through 1 container of formula in about 2 days. (can't wait for regular milk)
1 package of frozen squash is enough to use as veggies for two meals for the triplets.
1 pound of green beans makes about 18 cubes of food (we serves 2 cubes of veggies at a meal with 1 cube of meat).
1 cup of cheerios is a snack for the triplets (sometimes more cheerios are needed).

And FINALLY, we are getting a schedule worked out.
Wake: between 7 am and 8 am. Lately it is between 7:30 am and 8 am.
Bottles: as soon as we change diapers!
Playtime: on floor until breakfast.
Breakfast: Usually around 8:15 am. We all sit at the table (including Cayden) for all of our meals. It's so nice to eat together!
Playtime: usually in the bouncy/jumpy seats and exersaucer
Naptime: 9:30 am regardless of what time they got up.
Wake: Anytime between 11 am and 12pm . And they all get up together. So if one wakes early, he/she usually lays or plays in crib until they are all ready to get up.
Bottles: sometimes after nap, sometimes before next nap.
Playtime: on floor until lunch
Lunch: around 12 pm or as close to 12 pm as I can make it.
Playtime: bouncy seats again
Nap: 1:00 pm sharp! (including Cayden-although we sometimes call his nap time, "rest" time)
Wake: lately around 3:00 pm
Bottles: when we wake. Usually followed by a snack (cheerios, crackers)
Supper: 5:00 pm or right around there. They usually don't want to wait much past 5:00 pm
Playtime: floor or jumpy seats. Anywhere they are happy.
Bottles/Snack: This doesn't always have a set time. Depends on babies moods.
Bedtime: 7:00 pm.

So that is our schedule, in a nut shell. I guess I did leave out all of the diaper changes, but we can plan on changing each baby around 6 times a day. It's a busy day.

One last number I should add:

Smiles: too many to count!!! Having the triplets sure do make our days busy and chaotic, but their smiles make everything worth it!