Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation Part 1


We took a vacation, all six of us and one of our wonderful babysitters, Amber. As we were planning our vacation, which was to see Scott's side of the family in South Carolina, we realized that we needed another adult along to hold a baby on the airplanes. It was so wonderful to have a babysitter along to help with everything besides just holding a baby.

The airplanes rides were, well, interesting. Scott had one of the girls and Cayden, Amber had the other girl (they switched off on the different planes) and I was in charge of Bryce. You ask, "Why didn't all of the boys go together and girls with girls?" Well, there is a very logical reason for this. Bryce is a good 6 pounds heavier than the girls. I had Scott hold a girl so that he could hopefully manuever better with the girl as he tended to all of Cayden's needs.

The flights went pretty well. Had a few reactions from the passengers, but most were positive. Only one person asked to be moved away, and that was before he even got to his seat next to me! I think he was half joking and half serious about it. It just so happened that this was probably our worst flight regarding the babies. Scott was holding Aleah, who decided to scream her head off for about 5 minutes before the flight took off. It didn't last too terribly long, and she managed to sleep most of the remainder of the flight.

Here is Scott, Cayden and Aleah enjoying the plane ride. Like Father, Like Son, both sleeping with heads back and mouths open!