Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sleeping Babies

So I was told that I am slacking in the blogging. Who knew staying home would be so busy. And when all 4 kiddos lay down for naps in the afternoon, I take the time just to sit. I was really worried about staying home with the four kids for the summer months. I have expressed on more than one occassion to my babysitters that I really admire them for the time that they were hear while I was working. One of them so kindly pointed out that there are only 3 children here (Cayden went to daycare). I would never have guessed that adding a 4 year old to the mix really does add more "work" (if it is safe to call it that). But I am really finding the fun in being a stay-at-home mom, even though I've really only been home by myself for a week and a half. Starting tonight at midnight, Scott is on leave until he goes for his next training (June 28). So I'm looking forward to having more help during the day.

Okay, I realize that I am rambling. Now back to the post: Going back in time as in some other recent posts to late May. Scott and I were doing on nightly check on kids, and Aleah and Bryce were sleeping in some interesting positions. I grabbed the camera and prayed that I didn't wake any of the babies as I got their pictures.

This picture is Bryce. We discovered that he enjoyed falling asleep in one of the jumpy seats. We have three different ones, but he only falls asleep in this one. It is funny because he falls asleep jumping, and as he wakes up he starts jumping again (before being fully awake). He doesn't miss a beat!