Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation: Babies on the Beach Take 2

Another try at taking the babies to the beach. This time, Scott, Cayden, Amber, the babies and myself all ventured there together. Lucky Amber got out of having to pull one stroller, however, I still got to manuever one, while Scott took the other one. Anyway...

This trip was a bit more succesful. We got on the beach, laid out a sheet for babies to sit on, and Cayden, Amber and Scott ventured off to the ocean. The babies sat around and ate some cheerios. They proceeded to get pretty fussy, so I gave them all bottles. This was the only time I could get their picture. Cayden didn't enjoy the ocean so much this time (he loved it one of the first nights we were there, but I don't have the pictures yet). I think the waves were bigger this time, plus he realized that the waterparks were a lot of fun.

Also, at the condo, they offer different activities for the children staying there to do. One day was to paint mini-beach chairs (for a small fee). Scott took Cayden to the activity (my suggestion). Here is a picture of Cayden in action.

However, this is not what I saw when I arrived at the activity. Cayden was off in his own little world people-watching, and lucky Scott was finishing up Cayden's paint job. Apparently we need to work on our color schemes. Here is our finished project.