Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation: Babies on the Beach Take 1

Here's the story behind this adventure. Cayden had waited "all day" (okay until about 2:oo in the afternoon) for his dad and Uncle Matt to return from golfing. We were waiting for them because he wanted to show them the waterpark and the slides that were at Kiki and Artie's (Scott's parents) Condo at the Myrtle Beach (the condo is not necessarily like everyone thinks of Condos. It is more like an apartment at a resort or hotel. They rent it out when Kiki and Artie are not using it). Then we were going to all head to the beach.

So, we get everyone ready, babies included. Load everyone with sunblock and off we go. Amber(babysitter we brought along with us) and I venture off to the beach with the babies while the others, Cayden, Scott, Uncle Matt, Aunt Anna, Kiki, and Artie head off to the waterpark. They were going to do the waterslides a little and then come to the beach.

Amber and I begin our "adventure" to the beach. We have a double stroller for the girls and Bryce is in a single stroller. I have Amber manuever Bryce thinking that he would be easier to manuever. However, I don't think anything was easy about this adventure. For those of you who may have never been to the beach. In order to actually get down to the ocean, you have to walk through this wonderful, soft, fluffy white sand (if sand can be fluffy-it's not compact anyway). This is fun to walk through when you don't have strollers to try to move through it.

Oh my! What a struggle. We ended up pulling the strollers behind us to get through this mess. I'm sure we were a sight to see! We finally get through this mess and they have a bunch of beach chairs set up in pairs on the beach with umbrellas. We get to one of these, the closest one possible, and sit. As we are looking around, we see a "reserved" sign. My thought at this moment, was oh well! We were exhausted from hauling the strollers and babies through the sand. If we needed to move, we would have.

Now for pictures: The babies seemed to enjoy their time at the beach as short lived as it was (tell you more about that-just keep reading).
Bryce really had fun blowing rasberries. He would make the sound and then laugh. Catching it as a still photo does not do it justice as a video was. Instead it looks like he is making a diaper.

The girls were just lounging around while we were on the beach.

So now, why were we there just a short time??? Well, the dark clouds started to roll in. The next thing we notice is the lifeguards were making everyone get out of the water. Still Amber and I sit waiting for the gang to arrive. We really didn't want to have to pull the babies back through that wonderful fluffy sand. Plus, we had both read in the condo that the waterparks close if there is lightening, so we figured if the lifeguards were getting everyone out of the water, the waterparks would be closing any minute. We waited a bit longer, but still no one to our rescue. So we trudged back. Apparently what the waterparks paper says and what the waterparks do are two completely different things.

I am glad we did get the babies back when we did. Shortly after getting everyone back into the condo (waterpark go-ers included), it stormed a nasty storm.

(The waterparks never did shut down even with the lightening-they have open sides and windows on the tops of them.)