Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vacation: Cayden's Birthday (Again)

I have always thought, Cayden is really special, which he is, but here's my rationale this time. Not all children get to celebrate their birthdays two times, which it seems we have always done since his first birthday. Once with family and friends, and then again on his real birthday. And every year he gets two cakes, one for each occasion. And this year it is going to be three times (once at Uncle Matt and Aunt Anna's, once on his real birthday while on vacation, and then once back home with friends in ND).

We get up on Cayden's real birthday and wish him happy birthday. He had to ask me if it was really his birthday, to which I reply yes. He then gets all excited and tells his Dad, "I'm four!" Oh the joys of being young!

As we are getting ready for the day, Cayden says something to me about a birthday cake on his birthday. Oh no! I hadn't planned for that! Here we are at Myrtle Beach on his real birthday and no cake! Scott makes a quick call to his parents, and thankfully Kiki and Artie pull through for us. They were able to get us a cake!

Happy Birthday to my big four year old boy! Wow! I can't believe he is four!