Monday, June 23, 2008

Update on Mommy

Mommy is doing well. The doctors come check in on her every morning. The other morning, one of them asked if she had started to grow roots to her bed. I didn't get it, but mommy thought it was funny. This particular doctor has a set of 15 year old boy triplets of his own. He is very friendly (unlike some of the others). He always listens to my stories when I wake up from them coming in the room at 6 am. The doctors just keep telling mommy to keep resting and doing what she is doing. Daddy brings me to the hospital to see mom every day. Occasionally, we spend the night with her. I think mommy has grown to enjoy the comfort of daddy's snoring. She said something to me that it isn't so lonely in the room when she hears us sleeping in her room. Here's one of the few moments that I felt like snuggling with Mommy. I also enjoy getting into Mommy's bed when she gets up. One of my favorite things to do is check out what Mommy gets to eat. She always gets a fresh fruit cup that consists of about 4-6 grapes, canned pineapple chunks and 2-3 pieces of cantaloupe. I really love that shares her fruit with me. Actually, I eat it all unless she sneaks a piece when I'm not looking. Twice a day, early morning and after dinner, they hook Mommy up to all these circle things. Then it gets a little noisy in her room. They tell me that they are checking on the babies and listening to their heart beats. She gets three of these circle things that are blue, one for each baby. Then she also gets another circle strapped to her to monitor something called contractions. They say sometimes she has one when she is hooked up to this monitor, but that is good. If it gets to be more than 6 in one hour, then it's time to get concerned. They always ask Mommy if she can feel them, but Mommy says that usually she can't. Mommy said it hard to tell the difference between a contraction and all three babies moving at the same time. And this is a picture of Mommy last week when she was officially 26 weeks pregnant. Her belly is getting big! They tell me that it is only going to get bigger! Here's how Daddy and I sleep when we stay with Mommy. Daddy claims that it really isn't bad, and I sleep pretty good here myself. Finally, Daddy took a little video clip of me telling everyone an update on Mommy and the babies. Click on the arrow on the bottom left to play the clip.

Take care,