Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Pregnancy Update

Good news! The doctors here are pretty much ready to send me back to Minot! The plan is that the Minneapolis doctors are going to talk to the Minot doctors on Monday. The Minneapolis doctors feel that since nothing is really happening, other than the occassional contraction, that I could keep doing what I'm doing here, but do it in Minot. The Minneapolis doctor that I talked to this afternoon was going to even recommend that I go home and be on bed rest. The Minot doctor wants to admit me to the hospital for bed rest. Either way, it will be nice to be back in Minot. I did talk to my Minot doctor this afternoon to make sure that they (he and the neonatologist in Minot) could handle me and the babies. They feel that at 28 weeks they could handle us. 28 weeks starts Wednesday, July 2nd. I have an ultrasound that afternoon to check baby growth and my cervix length. If everything looks O.K. on Wednesday, the doctors said that I could potentially go home on Thursday, July 3rd. That's a week sooner than I originally thought I would be able to go home. The Minneapolis doctors also said that I could ride home with Scott and Cayden or my parents (they are coming done either Monday, June 30th or Tuesday, July 1st). Scott's parents were planning on coming to visit us also. Their plans were to fly in on July 5th and stay until July 8th. But it looks like they might have a change of plans. So, I guess they might see if they can change their tickets to fly in to Minot or Bismarck. I know Cayden is very excited about them coming to visit.

In other news... Someone has a 30th birthday coming up on July 6th. Do you know who?? The loving daddy and husband who has done everything for Cayden and I during this "interesting" time in our lives. I had these great plans of throwing Scott a surprise birthday party, but as it turns out, that won't happen. I almost ordered him a cake this morning, but I'm glad that I didn't as we might not even be in Minneapolis for his birthday.

I will keep everyone updated as we hear more from the doctors.