Friday, June 13, 2008

25 weeks and 2 days

This is my second attempt at this post. For some reason, when I hit post, I lost everything. Hopefully, I can remember everything.

I'm in Minneapolis now at Fairview Riverside Hospital, which is part of the University of Minnesota. I was received and ambulance ride from the Minot Hospital to the Minot airport. Then I "got" to ride in an air ambulance to St. Paul, MN. And from there I got to ride in another ambulance to the hospital. I arrived here yesterday around noon. It was difficult being here the first days without Scott and Cayden, but the staff here has been wonderful and very friendly.

Yesterday afternoon they took me to have another ultrasound done. Things looked to be about the same. Babies A and C measured one ounce lighter than they did in Minot, but Baby B measured the same. In Minot, I could never see the ultrasound, but here they have a nice big flat screen on the wall so I could see everything. The ultrasound tech also told me what she was looking for as she was doing each thing, and it seems everything is good. They also did another cervical ultrasound. They didn't tell me anything about it, but from what I could tell, it looked about the same (I thought I saw the measurements to be about the same). I was hoping that somehow my cervix would magically grow, but I guess not. We have lots of ultrasound pics to upload, but no way of doing it right now. Maybe Scott can get them uploaded at Lisa's sometime. It looks like all of the babies have Cayden's little button nose!

Scott and Cayden left Minot yesterday afternoon and drove as far as Fargo, ND last night. There was some more nasty weather, and I think that they were both getting tired. They got here around noon today. It was really great seeing them. Then Auntie Lisa came by with lunch for them. Once Cayden knew that Auntie Lisa was coming, all he could talk about was his cousins Addy and Ash. So Scott is going to take Cayden over to Lisa's this evening, and I think that they all might be headed to Chuck E. Cheese. Just happens to be one of Cayden's favorite things to do here.

Other than that, there haven't been any new developments. I'm just laying low trying to keep these babies comfy in my belly as long as I can. I have been told here that each day that the babies stay in is really a blessing, so that is why I made sure to include the "and 2 days" in the subject.

I also want to thank you all for the kind words and prayers you are sending our way. I hope to reply back to the emails we've been getting, but lying down and typing isn't as easy as I thought it would be. I will do my best.

I guess that is all for now.



Ruth Veselka said...

I and my family are praying for you and yours. Thanks for the blog and we are thinking of you!!

Shannon said...

Yeah, those "magical growing cervixes" are becoming more and more rare.

I hope all is well, Gibbons and co.! The blog is great to keep people posted, and if you give me about 9 hours notice, I can be in Minneapolis to babysit!