Monday, June 23, 2008

Cayden at the Twins Game

Cayden got to go to his first Major League Baseball game (granted it was no Braves game, but he didn't know any better). I guess it pays off having mommy in the hospital in Minneapolis. There is so much for the "guys" to do while I'm resting. I suppose I can handle them out enjoying themselves. I know Cayden is having a blast doing the different things (and he also enjoys visiting mommy and having slumber parties at the hospital). This is Cayden on the way to the game.

Outside the Twins Stadium.

Cayden and his Daddy having fun.

Apparently Cayden had a healthy appetite at the game. He ate his hot dog and part of his daddy's. He also enjoyed some of Addy's popcorn.

Also, Cayden loved his cotton candy.

And this is Cayden after lots of Cotton Candy. That is his bag of Cotton Candy he is holding over his head. Silly kiddo!

By the way, Mommy is doing fine, too!