Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to You from Us!
L to R: Bryce, Cayden, Aleah and Cayley
In case you are saying to yourself...
"Hmmmm, those are really cute outfits,
I wonder where they got them."
I will answer that because I am quite proud of the outfits.
I made them myself!

I'm learning in the blog world of crafters, I must give credit where credit is due:
To make the skirt:  I followed the skirt tutorial found here
To make the boys tie shirts:  I followed the tutorial found here
And here's some of our many attempts at getting a "good" picture

This is a combination of "show me your muscles" and "funny faces"

And now, we let the fun begin...
Aleah saying, "here I am world!"

Bryce doing a little boogie


We all fall down!

Uh, oh. We lost one!
Bryce, "I right here! Cheese!"


Emily said...

Shayna, the outfits you made are darling. And what cute kiddos - great pictures!