Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Adventures in Snow

We ventured out in the snow (well, last month sometime).  I heard from a relative that they needed some updates, so here they are :)

The little kids kept asking to play in snow, walk in snow.  So we decided it was time to let them experiment in the snow.  It was so much work getting the little kids ready to go outside.  I would say at least 20 minutes to get them all ready (of course Cayden can do it himself just fine).  Then we maybe stayed out for about 20 minutes and headed back in. The would only walk on the sidewalk and driveway, and not in any snow.

Cayley purple coat, Aleah pink coat, Bryce

Cayley purple coat, Aleah pink coat, Bryce

Cayden pulling Cayley in the sled

Cayden on top of our snow hill that is at least 5 feet tall.