Friday, March 4, 2011

Basketball Fever

Our house has been hit hard by...

Basketball Fever!

Little Background:  for the basketball teams from my school (where I work) to make it to the state tournament, they have to make their way through two rounds of playoff.  We have districts, then regionals and then state.  We didn't make it to many regular season games because they start after li'l kids bedtime.  The tournaments, however, have varying start times, some of which fit nicely into our schedule.  So we have ventured out with all of the kiddos.  They love it!  We've been able to go watch the boys team and the girls team play.  For the most part, they sit in their seats and watch the game (unless gma and gpa are there, then the li'l kids feel the need to climb back and forth between all of us).  They do ask for popcorn as soon as we walk in, but they sit with their boxes and munch away and watch the game.

Well, yesterday was pretty decent out and Cayden was out playing basketball when I got home with the lil kids.  So we got out their hoop and everyone had a blast!

Aleah is in the light pink jacket, Cayley is in the dark pink/purple colored jacket, Brycey is in the blue and red jacket and Cayden in the blue/black/gray jacket.